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Don't Wait. Evaluate.

According to the CDC, ASD can be detected before 18months, and “by age 2, a diagnosis can be consideredvery reliable.” Download our 2021-2022 Brochure here to learn the importance of early evaluation and the steps you need to take.​

ABA Provider Evaluation

Comparing ABA providers and choosing the right one for your child and your family is a critical step. Knowing the right questions to ask can help narrow the field and compare the remaining service providers. Download our ABA Provider Evaluation Scorecard to gather the information on each service provider in terms of treatment offerings as well as billing considerations. 

Early Intervention vs. Healthcare-Covered ABA Services

Families with a child on the Autism Spectrum can choose Early Intervention or Healthcare-Covered ABA services. There are distinct differences between theses options that healthcare professionals and parents need to be aware of. Download our Early Intervention vs. Healthcare-Covered ABA Services Comparison Sheet to better understand these differences. 

Home-Based vs. School-Provided Services

Families with a 3-year-old child on the Autism Spectrum can choose School Services or Home-Based ABA treatment. There are several advantages to insurance-covered, home-based ABA. Download our School Services vs. Home-Based ABA Treatment Comparison Sheet to better understand these advantages for your child and your family. 

Autism Diagnostician Directory - Northern New Jersey

For those seeking a diagnosis or recommendations regarding therapies to help children reach their full potential, our Autism Diagnostician Directory can be a valuable tool. Click below to download your current Northern New Jersey edition of this directory, presented as a public service by Rinn ABA Consulting.

Applied Behavior Analysis - A Parent's Guide

This guide from Autism Speaks discusses what ABA is, and reviews some of the common features of an ABA intervention package. 

Top 10 Reasons Children with Autism Deserve ABA

A top-ten list of reasons to choose ABA for children with autism.

Autism Navigator

A great and well-rounded site with tons of helpful resources and enlightening videos.

Vaccine Safety

A brief CDC article (with links to various studies) confirming there is NO LINK between vaccines and autism.

Into the Spectrum - Episode 6

A brief but informative video that discusses strategies through which parents can build better relationships with their children who are on the spectrum.

How to Know if You Are Getting Good ABA

An article that focuses on how to pick (and ultimately hold to account) your ABA provider.

Autism Start Here: What Families Need to Know

A three-part webinar by AutismNJ discussing ASD and its treatment options.

What Causes Autism

A brief Autism Speaks article on the cause of autism, again confirming NO LINK between vaccines and autism.