ABA Services

Applied Behavior Analysis services for individuals, parents & families, and ABA professionals

Home Based ABA Therapy

Progress starts and strengthens at home. Our treatment plans center around the individual's home while developing skills for all environments. One-on-one home schooling available.

ABA Parent Training

Parent training is a partnership at Rinn ABA.  We understand and never undervalue the emotional journey that ABA parents and families embark on. We are in this together.

Consultation for Providers

We are proud to share our experience with our colleagues. ABA Awareness and Case-by-Case Consultation available for providers, clinicians, and teachers.

Behavior therapist and supervising BCBA working with child on a puzzle

Home-Based ABA Therapy

We are currently accepting new families in need of ABA therapy!

Home-based intervention packages are comprised of ABA therapy sessions, skills/behavior assessments, parent-training, and frequent meetings with the BCBA. Every treatment plan is individualized and as unique as the child and they typically focus on:

Language & Communication

Leisure & Engagement


Social Skills


Behavior Management


Various skills acquisitions make up every individualized treatment and goals are adjusted and reprioritized based on data collected in each session.

ABA Session Duration & Availability

Sessions have standard durations and occur during the following time slots: 


9:00 - 11:30 am

12:30 - 3:00 pm

3:30 - 5:15 pm

While the number of weekly sessions is customized to meet the unique needs of the child and family, a minimum of three sessions per week is required. This is to build momentum and promote skill acquisition. 

ABA Parent Training

We are with you every step of the way


Parent collaboration is the key to successful home-based ABA treatment. Our goal is to provide ABA services that not only make for successful sessions but reach beyond therapy sessions for a higher quality of life at home, school, and in the community. Through the parent’s implementation of ABA strategies, real-life changes are achieved by the process of: 

The parent identifying a meaningful goal such as “increasing play with sibling”.

Your child’s BCBA then designs an individualized strategy to teach the skill, and reviews the strategy with you; this is your child's treatment plan.

Your child’s Behavior Therapist implements the strategy during ABA sessions.

Once the strategy has helped your child to acquire the skill, you will learn to utilize the strategy; first by observing the Behavior Therapist, then by implementing it yourself – all with the help and guidance of the supervising BCBA.

ABA parent and child working on skills acquisitions

Once you have mastered the implementation of the strategy in the presence of the BCBA, you can then incorporate it into your family’s daily life, all while receiving ongoing support and data analysis from our team.

Group of healthcare providers discussing ABA Awareness

ABA Services for Providers

ABA Awareness

Rinn ABA can provide customized individual and group programs to inform Healthcare Professionals and Educators, at all levels, about the science and benefits of ABA. Programs can take place at your facility or ours depending on your group's specific needs.

Case-Specific Consultation

To address the needs of specific individuals, Rinn ABA consults with licensed practitioners in:

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Physical Therapy (PT)

Speech Therapy

Mental Health Counseling