ABA Skills Acquisitions

There are a multitude of skills your child will learn in ABA therapy at Rinn ABA. Every treatment plan is unique to the child but some examples of acquired skills can be found here. Any skill that is functional and developmentally appropriate can become part of your child's treatment.

Community-Based Skills

It is essential that our clients have the skills and confidence necessary to venture out into their communities, and connect with community members.

To promote this, Rinn ABA offers ABA sessions in the community, targeting skills such as:

Playing with peers on a "playdate"

Participating in classes/lessons (e.g. sports, exercise, music, dance)

Riding in a car or bus

Shopping in a store

Eating in a restaurant

Visiting the doctor, dentist, or hair salon

Attending religious services

Attending birthday parties

Visiting friends and relatives

Happy children having fun playing outside

Language & Communication

Expressing oneself can be difficult for individuals diagnosed with ASD. A goal at Rinn ABA is to grow language and communication skills so your child can express themselves and communicate appropriately with their family.

School-age boy waving on conference call

Vocal imitation (example: say "Hi, Mom")

Expressing wants and needs

Describing objects, actions, and events

Utilizing appropriate grammar

Having conversations

Reading, writing, and typing


Motor imitation (example: waving bye-bye)

Visual attending, eye contact, joint attention, and scanning an array of materials

Matching same (or similar) objects and pictures

Sitting appropriately in a chair


Pretend play with dolls or action figures

Building with blocks

Making art (examples: coloring, drawing, painting)

Playing sports and games

Using a tablet or computer

Following an activity schedule for increased independence


Increased independence is an ultimate goal as your child grows and it can be difficult for individuals diagnosed with autism or other behavioral hurdles. Self-care is a huge part of independence so at Rinn ABA, we always evaluate how these skills can integrate with your child's treatment plan.

Sampling a variety of foods

Eating independently and at a reasonable pace

Using the potty

Washing hands

Taking baths or showers

Brushing teeth

Dressing self

Little girl learning the skill of brushing her teeth



Sharing and turn-taking

Playing in-parallel or associatively

Initiating play with others, and playing collaboratively

Conversing with peers and siblings

Promoting success at a playdate

Behavior Reduction & Management

Noncompliance and work refusal

Stereotypy (examples: humming, rocking, hand-flapping)

Disruptive behavior and tantrums

Aggression and self-injury

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