COVID-19 Safety Protocols 

Rinn ABA 

Working to Keep

Your Family Safe

and Your Child Learning

The extra safety measures we've taken

One Instructor per Household
This minimizes potential spread if someone
becomes sick
Face Covering Required
for All Non-Vaccinated Adults in the Instruction/Work Area
Face masks or face shields for all non-vaccinated instructors, BCBAs, and parents in the instruction/ work area minimize the risk of cross-contamination
    BCBA  Supervision via Telehealth
Video-based BCBA supervision minimizes the potential
for transmission across households
Students Learn to Wear Masks
Our systematic teaching approach helps students learn to wear masks and tolerate those worn by others 
Materials and Work Area
are Sanitized Regularly
Our staff sanitizes materials and the work area throughout each session
Hand Washing 
Instructors, BCBAs and students sanitize their hands
repeatedly throughout each session 
and each time there is a cough or sneeze
Outdoor Locations
Outdoor locations are used
as much as possible
Daily Attestation
Instructors and parents attest to taking CDC recommended precautions when not in session
Transparency and Acceptance
If an instructor or client lives with a high-risk person such as an ER doctor, nursing home aide or similar, Rinn and the other party must be aware and accepting