We are here

to make

life livable again

Concerned about

Back to School

Every parent is concerned and anxious about what's going to happen when the new school year rolls around. Answer have been slow in coming from the school systems and unfortunately the classroom brings together many factors that contribute to the spread of COVID-19:

  • Large groups

  • Indoor settings

  • Poor ventilation

  • long time periods together

  • Lots of talking 

Coronavirus has already made the 2020-2021 school year unlike any other. While every student will be impacted by changes, it will be especially challenging for children with Autism. From environments that can't be guaranteed safe to distance learning offerings that require technical proficiency to disruption to in-school services those on the Autism spectrum need a     

Not all students will thrive

in the settings offered

Let us help plan your child's treatment this Fall

We know you need answers. We also know your situation requires a personalized solution. Let us plan your child's ABA services. Whether you need full or half day in-home ABA services , or an after school program, we can help.   

We are here to make life more livable again

Just complete our brief questionnaire and will give your child a position on our preferred priority list to receive ABA services as soon as possible. 


Pandemic Safety Protocols

Extra safety measures we've taken

Rinn ABA:

Working to Keep

Your Family Safe

One Instructor per Household
This minimizes potential spread if someone
becomes sick
    BCBA  Supervision via Telehealth
Video-based BCBA supervision minimizes the potential
for transmission across households
Face Covering Required
for All Adults
Face masks or face shields for all instructors, BCBAs, and parents in the instruction / work area minimize the risk of cross-contamination
Materials and Work Area
are Sanitized Regularly
Our staff sanitizes materials and the work area throughout each session
Students Learn to Wear Masks
Our systematic teaching approach helps students learn to wear masks and tolerate those worn by others 
Hand Washing 
Instructors, BCBAs and students sanitize their hands
repeatedly throughout each session 
and each time there is a cough or sneeze
Outdoor Locations
Outdoor locations are used
as much as possible
Daily Attestation
Instructors and parents attest to taking CDC recommended precautions when not in session
Transparency and Acceptance
If an instructor or client lives with a high-risk person such as an ER doctor, nursing home aide or similar, Rinn and the other party must be aware and accepting