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ABA Provider Evaluation Scorecard

The ABA Provider Evaluation Scorecard, developed by Rinn ABA Consulting, will help parents compare ABA providers and make the best choice for their child and their family. The Scorecard guides parents through 20 critical questions that every provider should be asked. Scores are tabulated based on the provider's answers, allowing for direct comparisons. We recommend only providers achieving a minimum qualifying score, as indicated on the scorecard, be considered. One scorecard will be needed for each provider being evaluated.

Into the Spectrum - Episode 6

A brief but informative video that discusses strategies through which parents can build better relationships with their children who are on the spectrum.

Top 10 Reasons Children with Autism Deserve ABA

A top-ten list of reasons to choose ABA for children with autism.

How to Know if You Are Getting Good ABA An article that focuses on how to pick (and ultimately hold to account) your ABA provider.

Autism Navigator

A great and well-rounded site with tons of helpful resources and enlightening videos.

Autism Start Here: What Families Need to Know

A three-part webinar by AutismNJ discussing ASD and its treatment options.

Vaccine Safety

A brief CDC article (with links to various studies) confirming that there is NO LINK between vaccines and autism.

What Causes Autism

A brief Autism Speaks article on the cause of autism, again confirming NO LINK between vaccines and autism.

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